Customer technical event focusing on reliability, sustainability, voids solutions, traceability, recycling, conformal coating

* Alpha: solder paste portfolio, pasta low melt OM550 HRL1, Value Equation
* Alpha - PreventPCB: PCB cleaning
- Ionic Contamination - TIC
- Preparing to Conformal Coating (IPC CC830)
* PreventPCB: PCB materials (laminati FR4)
* PreventPCB: Electronic assemblies reliability
* Alpha: Voiding solutions
* PreventPCB: Product/Process Traceability - MTBF
* Alpha - 2C Ecologia: Environmental Sustainability: Recycling
Technical discussion

Thanks to our partner Alpha Assembly Solutions and all our customers and guests  for participating with so much passion and interest.
Really appreciated.
See you all next time...